• Opening Opportunities:

    a product development experience facilitated through mentorship

    Opening Opportunities is a program developed by Asociatia Techsoup, in which enthusiast professionals, superstars in tech-related industries, support teams of high schoolers in developing tech products and learning what team work is all about.


    The program creates the context for a meaningful first-time interaction with app building, with mentors from the IT industry as main drivers of inspiration. It was created for students aged 15-18 who don’t share the same opportunities of becoming creators of technology as others.


    Opening Opportunities is about high-school students discovering how to create IT products while building strong mentoring relationships. It empowers them to learn computer science by doing, but also connects them emotionally

    and inspirationally to technology and the IT industry.

  • Opening Opportunities. The products.

    Throughout the first editions of Opening Opportunities, two clear tracks have naturally emerged out of the passions of the mentees: the gaming track and the technology&society track.

    Technology and society track

    The Opening Opportunities teams created a wide range of computer science products: from websites aggregating day jobs for students to a productivity app for students and teachers to plan school-related activities, and from a complex autonomous device to measure the quality of the river waters to an app that helps the menu management in restaurants.

    Gaming track

    Teenagers passionate about video gaming turned their passion into a learning path and worked on developing complex video games that awed the video gaming industry. Building games like „A Malicious Story” - a side-scroller that encourages the interaction between the player and the narrator – taught the teenagers how different personalities complement each other when creating a complex product and showed most of them that game development is the career path they want to take.

  • Opening Opportunities. The experience.

    Opening Opportunities is based on a time-honored methodology that ensures the easiest, yet the most rewarding process of mentorship one can have.

  • Numbers tell stories.

    Enjoy our achievements together.

    4 awards

    Digital Skills in Education Award, European Digital Skills Awards 2017
    Project of the Year in Corporate Volunteering, National Volunteer Gala - 2017 & 2015

    Best CSR Program, People for People Gala - 2015


    2nd Prize in Social Responsibility, Civil Society Gala - 2014


    70+ technology projects completed

    The program creates the context for a meaningful first time interaction with app building and digital products for youth in underserved areas and counties from Romania, using mentors from the IT industry as main drivers of inspiration to be more in sync with a more and more digital society. It empowers them to learn computer science by doing, but also connects them emotionally and inspirationally to technology through mentorship.

    150 mentors

    In the last 3 years, more than 150 Microsoft colleagues have mentored in the program.

    2,200+ mentoring sessions

    Individually or in groups, we have helped students achieve more.

    1,800+ students in mentoring groups

    We have worked with highs-schools students of all ages and from more than 50 high-schools nationally.

    7,000+ students in live events

    We brought technology in at least 6,500 lives.

    100+ technology events

    We visited public libraries and schools, we talked about technology in high-schools, we invited students to the headquarters of IT companies in Bucharest, we've organised webinars on computer science and Hour of Code events.


  • Opening Opportunities is build by Asociatia Techsoup, and the first four editions were supported by Microsoft Romania and powered by Microsoft YouthSpark.

    We are a capacity-building organisation which provides technology resources to nonprofits, as well as to youth and educators. ​

    We believe technology can contribute to fostering a more open and democratic society, therefore we work to make technology accessible, understandable and familiar to changemakers in our society.


    An independent nonprofit organization founded in 2010, Asociatia Techsoup helps nonprofits, educators and youth with technology resources and inspiration to make Romania a more open and democratic society.